A perfect Sunday with... Ario Anindito

Discover how murder, the Art of War and kit-bashed action figures make the High Republic artist's day!

A perfect Sunday with... Ario Anindito

Every week, a pal of mine shares how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

This week, it’s the turn of Ario Anindito, the main artist on Star Wars: The High Republic (written by yours truly!) Based in Indonesia, Ario also provides wonderful covers for Something is Killing the Children and Dead Seas.

And today, Ario and I will be having our first-ever signing together. If you’re at Star Wars Celebration, swing by the Forbidden Planet booth at 2pm to get your High Republic comics scrawled on!

Ario’s perfect Sunday… brunch

My wife's cooking: "tongseng ayam pedas." It's like Indonesian chicken curry, and tastes super awesome.

Ario’s perfect Sunday… read

Sun Tzu: the Art of War: First of all, because Sunday - when there is no deadline - is where my mind is at ease, to read a book.

Secondly, I learned so much from the book about strategy, not to go to war of course, but to deal with work, manage my time, private and social life.

So I take it as my preparation to face the following week.

Sunday is where I learn, and the following week is where I practice!

Ario’s perfect Sunday… comic

Right now, I'm reading Something is Killing the Children, but my go-to comic for a perfect Sunday is Calvin & Hobbes or Liberty Meadows.

Just light stuff that can be read over and over again!

Ario’s perfect Sunday… movie


Ario’s perfect Sunday… TV binge


Ario’s perfect Sunday… podcast

That Chapter. The guy has a strong character, the right amount of wit, dark humour and is such a great storyteller! And I love crime stories, so it really is a perfect mix.

I bet he's good company for a camping trip.

Ario’s perfect Sunday… album

No Need to Argue by the Cranberries. It has everything to ease my mind. There's ‘Ode to My Family’ to open my lazy Sunday and ‘Zombie’ to give me the power to work out.

And then there's ‘Dreaming My Dreams’ to close my lovely Sunday.

Ario’s perfect Sunday… treat

Kitbashing! Resculpting, modifying, repainting my figures. I can spend ages doing this!

That, or sleeping all day with my wife & cat when it's raining outside.

When I asked Ario what he wanted to plug on the post he said: “Go to your local comic store and read Star Wars: The High Republic! It's written by a good friend of mine, and he's a damn good writer!”

Who am I to argue?

And don’t forget that if you’re at Star Wars Celebration today, you have a rare chance to get one of our comics signed by the two of us!