A perfect Sunday with... Brandon M. Easton

Tocilog, Led Zeppelin and rainy afternoons!

A perfect Sunday with... Brandon M. Easton

Every week, a top writer, artist or creator reveals how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

Today, it’s the turn of Robotech: Rick Hunter writer, Brandon M. Easton

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… brunch

I've recently discovered a few Filipino breakfast spots around the Los Angeles area. There's this one dish called Tocilog (cured pork, garlic rice with a runny egg on top) and it's the perfect combo of sweetness, savoury flavours and heartiness.

Add a mimosa on the side and it is brunch heaven!

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… read

The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner. The book is an excellent antidote/remedy for all of the doom and gloom news headlines we see 24/7/365. Glassner goes deep into actual statistics of crime overreporting to show that the news media doesn't show us things that will directly impact our lives over time and opt to showcase sensationalistic sound bites that do nothing but shock and scare the public. It's an excellent wake-up call to engage critical thinking when absorbing corporate media.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… comic

Despite the recent controversy, I still go back to the Planetary Omnibus by Ellis, Cassaday, et. al. One of the greatest comic series ever devised. Multiple readings uncover even more incredible symbolism and visual storytelling. A master class of graphic novel literature.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… movie

It will usually flip between Blade Runner, The Empire Strikes Back or Oliver Stone's JFK. These don't necessarily "feel good" but they always inspire me to push my creative envelope.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

Historically, it was The Cosby Show, but that has been shelved permanently in my life so the next one would be Star Trek (pretty much any Trek series). There's so much good in those shows that you can easily find something that feeds your heart and mind.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… podcast

There's a fantastic true crime podcast called The Trail Went Cold. Incredibly intelligent and well-researched. It manages to be informative and chilling at the same time.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… album

This is far too difficult. If worse came to worse, I'd say it was a toss up between The Best of Stevie Wonder or Led Zeppelin IV. Then again, pretty much anything by Prince or Creedence Clearwater Revival is perfect for a Sunday.

Brandon’s perfect Sunday… treat

In a perfect situation, it would be a late-autumn rainy Sunday afternoon with a fresh chicken pot pie where I sit on my porch and stare at the rain and take a deep breath of the cool, clean air. Yes. That is heaven to me.

Robotech: Rick Hunter by Brandon M. Easton is out now from Titan Comics!

The wait is over… Robotech launches into an epic new series!

From Transformers writer Brandon Easton and Power Rangers artist Simone Ragazzoni!

After the devastating events of the Macross saga, Rick Hunter must face an all new threat, along with the ghosts of his past – when a Zentraedi splinter group attacks Yokohama, Rick is called to investigate! Piloting the new prototype YF-4 Veritech, Rick encounters old friends and new enemies, all while recounting the moments of his life that shaped the most epic moments in the Robotech universe!

Brandon M. Easton is a professional writer, screenwriter, and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. Easton was born in Baltimore, MD and resides in Southern California. Easton is mainly known for his work on the Warner Bros. Animation reboot of the ThunderCats series as well as critical acclaim for his work in the comic book industry.