A perfect Sunday with...Collin Kelly

Little monsters, Indy and Worlds Beyond Number!

A perfect Sunday with...Collin Kelly

Every week, a top writer, artist or creator reveals how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

Today it’s the turn of The Principles of Necromancy co-creator, Collin Kelly.

Collin’s perfect Sunday… brunch

Sundays are my favourite days, because Sunday is the day I get to rest; I've got two cats and a dog, so mornings are always a bit bonkers, but on Sunday it's my wife who gets up early to take care of our little monsters. Which means I get to sleep in. BUT! After I get my solid 11 hours, I crawl from bed and get cooking. For the two of us, I make a massive herb-goat cheese omelette, hash browns, and a metric pile (that's the technical term, you see) of thick cut bacon. Finish that off with a vanilla affogato made with fresh ground coffee, and I'm just about ready for my early-afternoon nap. 

Collin’s perfect Sunday… read

As I lean back onto my couch, what's that book in my hand? Is it Dune, for the hundredth time? Yes, it most certainly is. 

Collin’s perfect Sunday… comic

Honestly, I crack open my Marvel Unlimited and start working through whatever fits my fancy. I love that app, and it lets me deep dive into whatever character we might be writing next! 

Collin’s perfect Sunday… movie

Almost certainly it's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. You can't do better than the Jones family having the adventure of a lifetime. 

Collin’s perfect Sunday... TV binge

Parks and Recreation. You put on one episode, and pretty soon you've finished the season. 

Collin’s perfect Sunday… podcast

I'm a huge fan of what are called "actual play" podcasts, which are recordings of friends playing some kind of tabletop RPG, generally - but not always - Dungeons and Dragons. There is a show that I can't get enough of, called World's Beyond Number, which is lavishly produced, incredibly fun, but also perfectly poignant. I highly recommend it for folks who might be tired of the same kind of traditional might and magic style D&D storytelling.

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Collin’s perfect Sunday… album

When I want to zone out and go to my happy place, I turn to 1999's Unathorised Biography of Reinhold Messner, by Ben Folds Five. That album changed my life when I was a younger man, and I think it's the apex of Ben Fold's career. I know he's made a lot of other music, and a lot of it is very good... but I think it's filled with the kind of anguish you only get when your heart is first broken... and not the anguish of divorcing your fifth wife. 

Collin’s perfect Sunday… treat

Am I alone? Has my wife gone off on an adventure of her own? Then I've sat down for a marathon gaming session, playing whatever is on the top of my pile. Unless you mean, *sweet treat*... in which case my local bakery has this cardamom bun that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The Principles of Necromancy #1 by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly and Eamon Winkle is now from Magma Comix.

There is no such thing as magic. 

The City King has driven the barbarian hordes to the edge of the world - ushering in an age of reason and medicine. But in the dark woods beyond his reach, where the last pagans still keep their ancient ways, a single man of civilization is about to show the true meaning of "medical miracle." His goal: to overcome death itself. And god help the man or king who stands in his way. 

Behold the glorious and gut-wrenching work of Doctor Jakob Eyes, the world's first necromancer.

COLLIN KELLY is one half of New York Times Bestselling writing partnership known as “the Hivemind,” alongside Jackson Lanzing. The two met in college, where they first became bitter rivals before becoming best friends. Their work in comics includes Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Kang the Conqueror, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Beyond: Neo-YearDark One (with Brandon Sanderson), Joyride, and Star Trek — for which they received a 2023 Eisner nomination for Best New Series. They also work in film, TV, games and, and are incredibly proud of their recently released middle-grade novel Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods from Marvel Press. They live a few minutes from one another in Los Angeles, CA — along with their wives and far too many pets — where they spend their time reading, debating, playing music too loud, and enjoying every tabletop roleplaying game they can get their hands on.