A perfect Sunday with... Gareth L. Powell

Peet's Coffee, hiring out a private cinema and lazy jazz!

A perfect Sunday with... Gareth L. Powell

Every week, a top writer, artist or creator reveals how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that makes their weekend great.

Today, it’s the turn of my pal, author of Descendant Machine, Gareth L. Powell.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… brunch

There’s a Peet’s Coffee in Santa Monica, where Dianne and I have often stopped to top up our caffeine levels. They do a really good English Breakfast tea, and will put two bags in if you order a large one. The last time we were there, we sat at one of the tables on the sidewalk, soaking up the morning sunshine and watching the passers-by on Wilshire Ave. It’s one of my favourite memories.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… read

My tastes vary widely, but for something familiar and comforting, I’d have to choose Generation X by Douglas Coupland, which is one of my all-time favourite novels and feels like a conversation with my younger self.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… comic

I started reading 2000AD way back in 1979, when the year 2000 really did feel futuristic, so I’d have to choose The Ballad of Halo Jones, although I’ve also recently been enjoying the collected edition of Rachael Smith’s autobiographical Quarantine Comix, which is funny, acutely observed, and highly relatable.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… movie

While Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark are strong contenders, I’m going to have to opt for either The Thing or Aliens. A love of Aliens is something Dianne and I have in common. For our first date, I hired out a 50-seat cinema in Bristol so we could watch it on the big screen!

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

Probably one of the Star Trek series. The Next Generation probably, although Strange New Worlds and Below Decks are also a lot of fun.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… podcast

The Bestseller Experiment is always interesting, and they’ve had some great guests.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… album

My perfect Sunday album is Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. It features the talents of John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, and Bill Evans, and is an absolute masterpiece, as well as one of the best-selling jazz records of all time. If you think you don’t like jazz, go to your streaming service and listen to it a few times. It’s deceptively complex, introspective, and perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Gareth’s perfect Sunday… treat

A walk with Dianne, in a park or around the neighbourhood. It’s always good to stretch one’s legs after brunch, and she’s such good company.

Descendant Machine by Gareth L. Powell is out now from Titan Books.

When Nicola Mafalda’s scout ship comes under attack, she’s left deeply traumatised by the drastic action it takes to keep her alive. Months later, when an old flame comes to her for help, she realises she has to find a way to forgive both the ship and her former lover. Reckless elements are attempting to reactivate a giant machine that has lain dormant for thousands of years. To stop them, Nicola and her crew will have to put aside their differences, sneak aboard a vast alien megaship, and try to stay alive long enough to prevent galactic devastation.

From award-winning author Gareth L. Powell, comes a gripping, fast-paced and brilliantly imagined science fiction thrill ride.

Gareth L. Powell was born and raised in Bristol, where he still lives, and his early mentors included Diana Wynne Jones and Helen Dunmore. His novels have twice won the BSFA Award, and been finalists for both the Locus Award in the US and the Seiun Award in Japan. He is probably best known for his acclaimed Embers of War space opera series, which includes the novels Embers of War, Fleet of Knives, and Light of Impossible Stars. He is a popular guest and speaker at conventions and literary events, and can often be found on Twitter giving free advice to aspiring authors.