A perfect Sunday with... J. Dianne Dotson

Stone fruit galettes, Bossa Nova and the voyages of the Starship Enterprise combine to make the perfect weekend treat!

A perfect Sunday with... J. Dianne Dotson

Every week, a pal of mine shares how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

This week, it’s the turn of Jendia Gammon who, writing as J. Dianne Dotson, recently published The Shadow Galaxy, a collection of short stories and poetry from Trepidatio Publishing.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… brunch

Several years ago, I lived in Seattle for a time, and at one point I was fortunate enough to live within walking distance of an absolutely minuscule bakery called Cafe Besalu. This became my little pocket heaven. In summer, they'd make stone fruit galettes: think golden apricots, shimmering like polished topaz under fruit glaze, nestled in flaking, buttery pastry. That was my perfect brunch.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… read

I like to open up my Ray Bradbury story collection occasionally and just choose one to read. I also like to read art process books and cookbooks on Sundays.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… comic

Superman for All Seasons by Jeff Leob and Tim Sale. A classic for a reason, so full of heart and so exquisitely made.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… movie

Kiki's Delivery Service...it's just perfect for feeling delighted ahead of a new week.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's just unbeatable to watch.

Tie: Frasier. My favorite sitcom of all time, every episode taut and precise.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… podcast

WTF with Marc Maron. Marc consistently makes me laugh and makes me think. He brings the best guests onto that podcast. Never disappointing.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… album

Astrud Gilberto: The Shadow of Your Smile. You just can't go wrong with the queen of Bossa Nova.

Dianne’s perfect Sunday… treat

My default answer is always dark chocolate. But on Sundays, sometimes I bake either muffins or cookies. So those make perfect Sunday treats that I can enjoy heading into Monday.

The Shadow Galaxy: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry by J. Dianne Dotson is out now from Trepidatio Publishing.

A mesmerizing first collection from the cross-genre author, science writer, and artist Jendia Gammon (writing as J. Dianne Dotson), The Shadow Galaxy features short stories and poetry spanning magical realism, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and Appalachian tales. With stories and poetry spanning three decades of work, the author taps into journeys both fantastical and deeply personal. Categories include Shadow Shores: Tales from the Sea; Other Futures: Tales of the Galaxy and a Place Called Earth; Into the Darkest Hollow: Tales of Horror; Love and Other Moments: Traces of the Heart; Far Appalachia: Tales from the Ancient Mountains; and Resonant Thoughts: Some Poetry.

Among these pages, Dotson captures the longing, regrets, and dreams of those living by the sea, such as in "One Evening in Fogvale." In "RODER," a young woman risks her life to help find a robot who captured her heart. "Topaz Sundered" explores an exoplanet mining expedition gone horribly wrong. In "The Queen and the Mountain Laurel," a young Appalachian girl teaches her father an important lesson with the help of mountain spirits. The poem "Obsidian" eviscerates with raw pain from betrayal. Dotson weaves these and many other tales and poems of mysticism, exploration, horror, pain, nostalgia, and wonder, for no shadow can exist without light.

A perfect collection for fans of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, and Philip Pullman.