A perfect Sunday with...Michael Moreci

Fever Pitch, having time as an enemy and the perfect Sunday pastry

A perfect Sunday with...Michael Moreci

Every week, a top writer, artist or creator reveals how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

Today it’s the turn of screenwriter, comic writer, author, and host of The Filmographers Podcast, Michael Moreci.

Michael’s perfect Sunday… brunch

I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to food--a sad reality for my wife, who's a wonderful pastry chef (though I do love pastries). I like a solid egg sandwich: a good bagel, eggs, and some thick bacon, and I'm set. 

Michael’s perfect Sunday… read

Weekends means football time in my household (or, as us silly Americans call it, "soccer"). This will likely come as a surprise to many, but I coach at the club and high school levels, and I'm a hardcore EPL fan. And, both of my kids play. That said, my mind is on the game, and I read a lot about it. Right now, I'm reading Nick Hornby's superb book about football fandom, Fever Pitch, and I cannot believe it's taken me this long to get to it. Not only am I a big Hornby fan, but I'm a huge Arsenal fan (which is the Hornby's favourite team, and the subject of the book)--suffice to say, this is the greatest book ever written in the history of literature. 

Michael’s perfect Sunday… comic

When I do read weekend comics, I like to play the hits--which means a lot of Brubaker/Phillips, particularly their Criminal books. 

Michael’s perfect Sunday… movie

I'm going to shamelessly plug my latest project, something near and dear to me: The Filmographers Podcast, a show I've started with my good friend, bestselling author Keir Graff. In the show, we study an entire director's career, start to finish, movie by movie. Our first season is centred on one of our mutual favourites, the great Steven Soderbergh. We typically record on Mondays, so I'm usually watching (or watching for the second or third time) that week's topic. At the time of writing this, we're recording Traffic, my latest Soderbergh (re) rewatch. 

Michael’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

This is something, usually, for the whole family. We just finished Welcome to Wrexham at long last (did I mention we're a football family), which we loved. Now we're on to the latest season of The Bad Batch

Michael’s perfect Sunday… podcast

Obviously, if you're going to listen to one podcast, it ought to be The Filmographers Podcast. If it's going to be two, listen to another episode of The Filmographers!

I kid, I kid. One podcast I love is Full Cast and Crew. It's a really sharp show that goes deep into the behind the scenes world of film; it's intelligent, fun, and never overstays its welcome (a tendency many podcasts tend to do). 

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Michael’s perfect Sunday… album

I actually don't listen to a ton of music—I used to, but these days, time is the enemy. My oldest son plays piano, and he's great at it, so if I'm going to listen to anything, it'll be him playing. 

Michael’s perfect Sunday… treat

I'd follow my wife's lead and get a good pastry--we're lucky to have a few good shops nearby, so we're able to treat ourselves. Maybe a donut, a scone, a croissant, something in that arena. Something I arguably shouldn't eat but eat all the time anyway. 

The Filmographers Podcast with Michael Moreci and Keir Graff is available now on your favorite podcast platform.

Welcome to the Filmographers Podcast, where we study a director’s entire career, one film at a time. In each episode, we discuss why a single film succeeded or failed and examine it in the context of the Hollywood landscape when it was released. In our first season, we’re turning the spotlight on Steven Soderbergh, one of the most celebrated, fascinating, and versatile directors in modern American cinema.

MICHAEL MORECI is a screenwriter and bestselling comics author. His award-winning debut feature film, Revealer, premiered on Shudder in 2022. It’s soon to be followed by Holiday Hold-up, a crime comedy that Michael co-directed/wrote. 

In the comics space, Michael is the creator of the acclaimed gothic horror series The Plot, the werewolf drama Curse, and the existential space opera Wasted Space. Michael’s also the creator of the smash hit sword-and-sorcery series Barbaric, which Entertainment Weekly, Thrillist, and many others called one of the best comics of the year. 

He’s also the co-host of The Filmographers Podcast, a show where he and co-host Keir Graff study an entire director's career, movie by movie. The subject of their first season? The great Steven Soderbergh.