A perfect Sunday with... Paul Cornell

Cricket, Tuna Niçoise, and Comic Book Couples Counselling!

A perfect Sunday with... Paul Cornell

Every week, a top writer, artist or creator reveals how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

Today, it’s the turn of Secret Invasion author, Paul Cornell.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… brunch

I love a big Tuna Niçoise salad. No tomatoes, please. All the protein, but tasty too.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… read

My favourite recent book is probably Piranesi by Susannah Clarke, which smoothly shifts genres and expectations and says loads about recent history and human nature along the way.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… comic

I’ll take a single volume, perhaps a Marvel Masterwork edition, of Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck, please. A modern indie comic before it’s time, wise and gentle.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… movie

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. My favourite movie from my favourite director. Mind you, I haven’t seen Oppenheimer yet.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

I’m a huge fan of Foundation, which in Season Two has now added welcome threads of warmth and humour to its already extraordinary mix of mind-boggling Hard SF concepts and spectacle. From episode one, I feel it’s been made for me.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… podcast

Comic Book Couples Counseling has wonderfully witty hosts and the best comicker guests.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… album

Today I’m going to move away from my huge Kate Bush fandom and opt for Carly Simon’s No Secrets, which is wise and melodic and speaks to me.

Paul’s perfect Sunday… treat

I would like to watch a full day of first-class cricket, please, a West Country county or an England Test Match. (Mind you, I love all the different forms, it’s just this way I get more of it!)

Secret Invasion by Paul Cornell is September 12th from Titan Books

A shapeshifting alien race invades the Marvel Universe in this exciting re-imagining of the bestselling comic book event from the author of one of its original tie-ins.


The shapeshifting alien race known as the Skrulls have infiltrated every branch of the Marvel Universe, from S.H.I.E.L.D., to the Avengers, and even interplanetary defence force S.W.O.R.D.

As the New Avengers watch leader of the Hand, Elektra, transform into a Skrull after her death, they come to realise that an attack is coming, one that has been planned for many years. From heroes to villains, anyone could be a Skrull in disguise. Uncertain of who to trust, the team tries desperately to unite against an unseen foe. But it is too late.

The invasion has begun.

A crashed ship in the Savage Land. A prison break at the Raft. Thunderbolts Mountain under attack.

And an armada of Skrull ships approaching Earth.

Scattered and hopeless, heroes and villains alike must team up to fight a war they never saw coming, the fallout of which will change the face of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Paul Cornell has written episodes of Elementary, Doctor Who (Father’s Day’ and ‘Human Nature’), Primeval, Robin Hood and many other TV series, including his own children’s show, Wavelength. He’s worked for every major comics company, including his creator-owned series I Walk With Monsters for Vault, The Modern Frankenstein for Magma, Saucer Country for Vertigo and This Damned Band for Dark Horse, and runs for Marvel and DC on Batman and Robin, Wolverine and Young Avengers. He’s the writer of the Lychford rural fantasy novellas from Tor.com Publishing. He’s won the BSFA Award for his short fiction, an Eagle Award for his comics, a Hugo Award for his podcast and shares in a Writer’s Guild Award for his Doctor Who. He’s the co-host of Hammer House of Podcast. His latest book is the SF novella Rosebud, his latest graphic novel is The Witches of World War II for TKO and his latest comic series is Con and On for Ahoy.


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