Friday update: 2nd June 2023 - Writing a new issue one, plus things that make me smile and a shaman scam!

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Friday update: 2nd June 2023 - Writing a new issue one, plus things that make me smile and a shaman scam!

Hello there! Every other Friday, I post an update that gives you a round-up of my work, things you might have missed and a few recommendations as well! Let’s dive in!

Work round-up

The big thing since my last update has been that I’ve started work on The High Republic Phase 3. Issue one of the new comic run is in with Marvel and Lucasfilm for notes. You’ll see the eventual results in December!

I’ve also been in a frenzy of outlines for future projects: two Star Wars and two… other things, all very exciting and all very hush-hush.

In the meantime, I’ve also made a start on the original novel. It’s early days, and I’m not entirely up to speed yet, but I am pleased with the progress so far, especially as I’m having to find time around so many other projects.

My Freewrite traveler minutes before I started writing chapter one!

At the time of sending this, I’ve written just shy of 8,000 words, with some time set aside this morning to hopefully get at least another 1,000 down before we set off for Portsmouth Comic Con this afternoon.

(Talking of which, shout if you’re coming! I have several panels over the weekend, two Doctor Who chats, one Star Wars discussion, and a workshop on writing audio drama! Full details on the website!)

Cav Stars shout out!

Yes, I am sticking with Cav Stars as the name of those who’ve taken up the paid tier of the newsletter, but don’t worry, everyone else gets a cool name, too - collectively, you’re all the Cav Squad!

Cool or cringe? You decide (although I know which my daughters would choose!)

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the new Cav Superstars (see, I’m just doubling down on the cringe) members who have opted for the Founder Tier since our last newsletter. A special thank you to DW Comic Art, Mark Sutter, and Carlos Esteban Muñoz. You and all our Stars help support me as I try to put more time into this community.

The Cav Stars had our first fabulous video hangout last week, which was a lot of fun and had me talking about Doctor Who far more than expected. (This won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me. Far from it!) I also released my first deep-dive into a past project for paid subscribers, heading back to where it all began with (you guessed it) Doctor Who - Project: Twilight.

And last but by no means least, congratulations to who has been pulled from the rabbit’s hat to win our first prize draw. You win the signed copy of the Jaxxon 2023 annual (plus a silly sketch by yours truly!) We’ll be in touch to get your swag to you, Chelsea!

This month’s prize is a McFarlane Toys Superman action figure, one of a set of four that featured a special Black Adam comic written by me! We’ll be offering the rest of the set as prizes in July, August, and September so if you don’t get lucky with Supes, you may win Batman, Constantine or Black Adam himself! All you need to do to enter the draw is to be a paid subscriber to this newsletter!

Stuff you might have missed

  • SWNN interviewed me about Path of Vengeance, my love of Star Wars and approaching different mediums. You can read it here or watch it on Youtube below!

Things I enjoyed and think you might too…

Two things to recommend this time…

First is a book: Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. Originally published in Dutch, the author used the 2016 English translation to give the book a new setting, moving the spooky action to North America while also providing a new, even more chilling ending.

Hex felt like vintage Stephen King to me while also incredibly fresh and new. Heartbreaking and haunting in equal measure, I know I’ll be returning to it over and over again.

My second recommendation is a podcast. Filthy Ritual is the story of a scam that happened in leafy Hampstead. So far, so intriguing, but then you add in shamanism, a monkey locked in an abandoned house and money nailed to a sacrificial tree nearly five-thousand miles away in Suriname! What a combination!

It’s hosted by Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala, the presenters of the hit true crime podcast Redhanded which I’m now devouring (including a recent episode that combined NASA, rocket science, demonology and creating homunculi!)

There you go; that last one makes three recommendations for the price of two. (I repeat again, rocket science and demonology!)

What have you been enjoying recently? Let us know in the comments!

Fan Art Friday

Star Wars: The High Republic phase 2 finished last week, so what better time to showcase this handsome portrait of Guardian of the Whills Tey Sirrek art by Ella, who proclaims themselves as a Teyhead. Is that an official name? I like it!

What fan art have you seen recently? Keep tagging me!

That’s all, folks

But before I go, I need to share another subscriber's pet, going for scales instead of fur this time as we unleash the ’s mighty Krayt!

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