Friday update: 3rd November 2023

Secret stuff, latest news and Lourna Dee brought to life!

Friday update: 3rd November 2023

Hello there! Good heavens, it’s been AN AGE since I’ve posted an end-of-week round-up of my work, so let’s put that right!

Work round-up

Lots of stuff going on that I can’t talk about and precious little I can.

I’ve written up to issue eight of Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III for Marvel (issue one hitting shelves next week, so go grab it!) and have been doing a ton of promotion for my episode of Young Jedi Adventures (also premiering next week!)

Filed under ‘stuff I can’t talk about’, I have:

  • Completed a comic mini-series.
  • Submitted outlines for books for next year.
  • Got to the end of the zero draft for the big audio drama script, ready to polish into something good later this month.
  • Written a folk horrory short story.

It feels like a bit of a reset at the moment, with a lot of projects nearing the end with new opportunities on the horizon, including my upcoming book for Vault which I start working on this month.

I also need to revisit my WIP novel which had to take a back seat while I dug into other stuff. In all honesty, I'd hit a bit of a wall 20,000 words in, so the break was welcome and I’m looking forward to returning to it with fresh eyes to see what can be done.

This month’s prize draw

November’s prize draw for subscribers to the Cavletter’s paid tier is a signed and doodled copy of Star Wars: The High Republic - The Monster of Temple Peak and Other Stories.

To be entered into the draw all you have to do is be a paid subscriber at 11.59pm GMT on 30th November.

Other recent benefits for paid subscribers have been our video hangouts, including a workshop on creating comics and a Zoom get-together with Dead Seas and Star Wars artist, Nick Brokenshire.

News will be coming soon for November and December’s VERY special hangouts so keep your eyes peeled!

Stuff you might have missed

Things I enjoyed and think you might too…

Ahmed Best, a literal pioneer of movie-making, was hauled over the coals because he did a job, a generation of web users — and the press that amplified them, — forgetting that there was a person behind the pixels. The Redemption of Jar Jar Binks is his story.

The series is a candid and nuanced take that doesn’t shy away from the need for legitimate criticism but asks when to speak and when to keep quiet. It doesn’t demonise those who attacked Jar-Jar and Ahmed, nor does it exonerate them. And yes, it also tackles the criticism that Jar Jar was a racist character, delving into both the creators’ intentions and the tropes that others saw in him.

A round of applause to everyone involved, especially creator and presenter Dylan Marron. This is one not to miss (and while you’re at it, you might want to check out Dylan’s other series, Conversations with People Who Hate Me!)


Fan Art Friday - Cosplay edition

Because cosplay is 100% art and if anything goes to prove that as fact it’s this glorious performance of The High Republic’s Lourna Dee by artist_liquid over on Instagram!

I mean… that IS Lourna, no doubt about it!

That’s all, folks

More updates to come soon, plus next week I update an answer about the first horror movie I ever saw!

As always, please share this newsletter with anyone you think would enjoy it! I love having you all here!

Stay safe!