From my new Weird Tales story: Introducing Brogan and Ash

Say hello to the characters from my new Weird Tales story - a disgraced priest and a demon with an agenda! Plus: exclusive Saber For Hire art, con news and the original plans for THR phase 3!

From my new Weird Tales story: Introducing Brogan and Ash

Hello there!

As announced a few weeks ago, I am thrilled to have a story in the next issue of Weird Tales, published this week. If you've never heard of the cult magazine before, here's a little intro from the Weird Tales website.

Weird Tales has enjoyed a devoted following for many decades as the very first magazine of gothic fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Founded in 1923, the pioneering publication introduced the world to such counter-culture icons as Cthulhu, the alien monster god and Conan the Barbarian. Weird Tales is well known for launching the careers of great authors like H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Robert E. Howard — hell, Tennessee Williams made his first sale here! — not to mention legendary fantasy artists like Virgil Finlay and Margaret Brundage. The magazine’s influence extends through countless areas of pop culture: fiction, certainly, but also rock music, goth style, comic books, gaming… even Stephen King has called Weird Tales a major inspiration.

My story, Sins will find you out, features the introduction of two new characters that I hope to return to soon. To introduce them properly I turned to my pal and Dead Seas co-creator, Nick Brokenshire who produced this fantastic concept art:

Father David Brogan is a former Catholic exorcist who, for reasons explained in the story, has been dismissed from the church, a process most commonly known as being defrocked although the official term is 'laicization.' Technically this means that he should no longer wear a clerical collar, but Brogan has never been one to follow technicalities blindly. A deeply devout man he believes the church has under-estimated the power of the demonic in recent years and so is waging a lone crusade against the forces of darkness.

Well, not quite alone. Sometime before this story, Brogan made a pact with a demon who has her own reasons not to return to hell. Ash has promised to assist Brogan as long as he never sends her back down below, an arrangement that weighs heavily on Brogan's soul, but is the lesser of two evils if it means he can save the innocent from a fate worse than death. An uneasy peace exists between the pair, Ash able to cast illusions that hide her true face from unsuspecting humans, all except her eyes which remain the same whatever form she takes.

Sins will find you out sees Brogan and Ash investigating the haunting of a senatorial candidate's house where things aren't as they seem. Visit the Weird Tales store to grab your own copy!

Saber for Hire

Did you pick up Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures - Saber for Hire #1 last week? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments!

And if you haven't picked it up yet, then maybe this will wet your whistle, original inks by artist Rachael Stott for a key moment in the issue.

Yes, that is Ty Yorrick's way of dealing with Nihil scav-droids. I love those little things, ever since I invented them for the original – and ultimately shelved – first issue of the Marvel High Republic back in 2000!

And talking about Rachael...

Portsmouth Comic Con

Portsmouth Comic Con is on the horizon, taking place 11th - 12th May 2024 at Portsmouth Guildhall. There's going to be a right little gang of Star Wars and High Republic guests too, including:

And I know one other special guest who has yet to be revealed! Watch this space!

Get your tickets for a con that, if everything goes to plan, will also include some exciting new High Republic reveals! 👀

Between now and then, George and I will be in France for Générations Star Wars et Science-Fiction! I'm looking forward to returning to Cusset to hopefully see some familiar faces as well as making some new friends too! Check out the website for more info and keep an eye on my Instagram for pics and videos from the con over the weekend.

New interviews

I popped up in a couple of new interviews these last few weeks.

First up is What Does Star Wars Mean To You?

Cavan Scott, NY Times best selling author joins us to share his Star Wars fandom journey. We talk about his first action figure, the Star Wars movie that hooked him, how he collected toys well after his parents wanted to stop giving them as presents, being bullied for his love of the franchise, developing the characters of Stellan Gios and Elzar Mann, being part of the collection of authors who developed The High Republic, greeting fans and Billy Dee Williams at Star Wars Celebration and of course his Five with the Force and Three Elements that Make Star Wars Star Wars to him!
‎What Does Star Wars Mean To You?: Cavan Scott, What Does Star Wars Mean To You? on Apple Podcasts
‎Show What Does Star Wars Mean To You?, Ep Cavan Scott, What Does Star Wars Mean To You? - Apr 9, 2024

And then There Are More of Us!

The There Are More of Us Show focuses on spotlighting creators in the Star Wars community that share their love of Star Wars and positivity in our fandom. See some of your favorite Star Wars content creators, authors, and more talk about why they love Star Wars.

Ask Me Anything

Over on Instagram, Bekindremind22 asks:

Star Wars: The High Republic #6 was a fine read. Was it always the plan to connect both Volume 1 and Volume 2 in Volume 3 of Marvel Star Wars: The High Republic series?

Thank you for the kind words about issue 6. Yes, I always planned to introduce characters in Phase 2 of the initiative that we would then return to in Phase 3. Going back in time was originally my idea, and part of my initial pitch that was chosen to become the basis of the High Republic, but I knew it was a gamble. Would we lose people? And what about those who bought into Phase 2? Would they come with us as we returned to the characters we introduced in the first phase. I knew I wanted to give something to everyone who had stuck with us, so as soon as I came up with the character of Tey I knew he was the man who would bridge the centuries. (Plus, it gave me a chance to keep nipping back into his past to return to Jedha, a location I loved!)

That's all folks!

And that wraps everything up for another week. I'll see you at the weekend for another Perfect Sunday and then back here next Wednesday for my April round up. How is it almost May?

Don't forget to keep sending in your questions, either in the comments or by using my Ask Me Anything form!

Until next time, look after yourself and each other!

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