Making comics: The Dead Seas pitch

Want an EXCLUSIVE glimpse at the sample pages Nick Brokenshire and I put together to sell our ghostly comic book? Of course you do!

Making comics: The Dead Seas pitch

Hello there! On Tuesday, I publish regular posts about the creative process including glimpses behind the scenes on my various projects. This week, I’ve dug up something spooky from the archives.

Back in 2019, Nick Brokenshire and I were hawking Dead Seas around to editors. The series was originally called Ghost Ship and, while the concept and most of the cast made it through to the finished series, the intro was very different.

To help sell the idea, we worked up those first six pages with script by me, art by Nick and letters by Frank Cvetkovic.

No one has ever seen that sample outside of our meetings… until now…

All three of these characters - Brook, Strickson and Callow - appear in the final story as does a version of the scene itself. But, when it came to scripting issue one, I knew I wanted to start with our central character Gus and his hapless pal Henry. Those who know the comic will see that Nick also went for a very different version of the ghost!

As for Callow, well, the poor sap isn’t in a good way when we finally meet him in issue one. Perhaps this is why?

I hope you enjoyed that little peek into the Dead Seas archives. It’s bonkers to think that Nick has just finished the art for the final issue, which comes out in May. The time has flown by — but I’m pleased to say we’re conjuring up new adventures together. Dead Seas is only the beginning for Brokenshire and Scott!

Let me know what behind-the-scenes goodies you’d like to see on the Cavletter and hey, if you’re enjoying Dead Seas, why not let us know in the comments below?

Until next time, stay safe and watch out for the ghosts!

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