My fellow High Republic creators quiz me on Path of Vengeance, Star Wars and more...

I celebrate the publication of Star War: The High Republic - Path of Vengeance by inviting my Luminous chums to ask me anything! Gulp!

My fellow High Republic creators quiz me on Path of Vengeance, Star Wars and more...

It’s publication day for Path of Vengeance, my latest Star Wars: The High Republic novel and the conclusion to many of the storylines of Phase 2. I’m rubbish at taking author selfies, so here’s Randy, my pet Rancor posing with the book:

To celebrate the publication, I invited some of my fellow High Republic creators to ask me questions about the book or Star Wars in general.

First up is Charles Soule, who asks:

“What’s your favorite memory from the High Republic- all the way from Day 1 (aka the van) to now?”

OK, first of all, I’ll have to explain the van. It’s day one of our first Project: Luminous retreat at Skywalker Ranch. The five of us, plus Mike, were picked up from our hotel and bundled into a mini-van for the journey to the Ranch. And what a journey it was, up a narrow and windy mountain road. I think we all suspected we were about to roll down the very steep incline at any moment. There was a LOT of nervous laughter.

But my favourite memory? I think there are a number of them. Is that allowed? Well, it is my newsletter, after all:

  1. Watching the 4k print of A New Hope on the big screen at Skywalker Sound with you, Justina, Daniel, Claudia, Mike and the entire editorial and story group team.
  2. That panel at Star Wars Celebration 2022, where the room filled up with 4,000 book and comics fans. That was the moment I think we all realised how big the High Republic had become.
  3. Playing with lightsabers in the dark with you and Daniel at your place after NYCC last year.
  4. The High Republic cosplay meetup at this year’s celebration. I’m still bowled over by the creativity of the fans there and around the world.

Lydia Kang asks:

“Do you have a favorite (nonspoilery) quote from PoV?”

I think it’s: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you richer.’

I wonder if people can guess which character says that?

Ario Anindito asks:

So, does this have to be a Star Wars question, or can I ask you a random question like.. the PIN for your ATM?

No, Ario. No, you can’t.


Tessa Gratton asks:

“Who's your favorite character in Path of Vengeance?”

What kind of question is that? How can I possibly choose?

Yana. I choose Yana. Because she’s a force of nature. A storm, you might say.

Daniel José Older asks:

“Has any THR character you've written taken you on an unexpected journey?”

I’ve talked about it before, but I think it’s Sskeer. When I started writing the comic, I never planned for our Trandoshan Jedi to be Keeve’s Master, but as soon as I made that decision it just clicked and I ended up writing a father / daughter relationship, which, seeing I have two girls of my own, became incredibly important to me.

Zoraida Cordova asks:

“Kiss / Marry / Kill THR Edition 😅”

Now you’re talking.

Kiss: Elzar.

Marry: Geode

Kill: I think I’ve killed enough THR characters, don’t you?

Krystina Arielle asks:

Of all the High Republic characters that you’ve written who do you feel that you relate to the most?

This is tricky. As I’ve spoken about before, Keeve Trennis was born of my imposter syndrome, and I’ve come to relate to Sskeer for the reasons I’ve said in answer to Daniel, but the one character I never expected to relate to was Elzar Mann. That changed while writing The Rising Storm. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but Elzar does something that leaves him emotionally and ethically conflicted. In the outline, I had him burying the feelings and hiding what he’d done, but in writing, that just felt wrong. Elzar’s best friend was on the planet; surely he should go to him for help. So that’s what Elzar did. He sought out Stellan Gios and asked for help. As someone who struggles with anxiety, that really resonated with me.

And Elzar continues to resonate in what I’ve seen of the High Republic Phase 3, which, of course, isn’t out until the end of the year, so I’ll shut up for now, other to say Master Mann’s journey is going to be an exciting one.

Mike Siglain asks:

“What part does Kevmo play in this novel?”

Kevmo? Kevmo dies in Path of Deceit, Mike. You know that. But as a wise man once said: “No one’s ever really gone.”

Especially if we won’t let them go. Which can be a blessing… or a curse!

Claudia Gray asks:

“If you could only write HR in one medium—comics, novels, or audio—which would you choose?”

Tough one. Comics are always my preferred medium, I love audio with a passion, but I actually want to choose… film. Let’s get the High Republic on the big screen, shall we?

Kristin Baver asks:

“Of the Star Wars characters you've written so far, who would you most want to be forced to live with for a year?”

Chewbacca. He can fix almost everything, is good in a scrap, and - most importantly - gives the best hugs!

George Mann asks:

“Which Force sect from Jedha would you belong to if you were a character there?”

Hmmm. Good question. I reckon it would have to be the Disciples of the Whills. They’re scholars rather than warriors, and they also have a focus on social work that I share from being brought up as a Salvation Army kid.

Plus, I always look good in red.

Alyssa Wong asks:

“What would your dream THR lightsaber look like?”

Oooh. I like this. I’m tempted to say ‘made of LEGO’ but actually, I’m not sure how good that would be in battle.

As some people know, I sometimes have to walk with a stick, so I think my dream saber would be, like Tera Sinube’s, hidden away in a cane like a walking-stick sword. And I’d like the handle to be carved wood with bronze detailing.

As for the blade, it would be green because Return of the Jedi.

Now I just need someone to make it for me. Maybe for next Star Wars Celebration?

OK, that’s it. Interrogation done. Now, all that is left is for me to a) make a cup of tea and b) remind you once again that Star Wars: The High Republic - Path of Vengeance is out now from Disney Books.

This enthralling follow up to Path of Deceit finds cousins Marda and Yana Ro bound by blood but driven apart by faith.

Marda and Yana belong to the Path of the Open Hand, a group led by a charismatic woman called the Mother, which believes the Force must not be used by anyone. While Marda joins a perilous expedition to Planet X in search of more mysterious creatures to use against the Jedi, Yana finds herself forming an unexpected alliance with the father of her dead lover in attempt to wrest the Path from the Mother’s control. These two young women will face a crossroads, forced to choose not only their own fates, but that of the galaxy itself.