New Marvel mini-series announced - Union Jack the Ripper

Superheroes and vampires duke it out in my new Marvel series

New Marvel mini-series announced - Union Jack the Ripper

Hello there!

Just popping in for a super-quick news flash ahead of tomorrow's usual Tuesday post!

Marvel has just announced my first-ever Marvel Universe mini-series, which hits comic stores in May as part of their Blood Hunt event!

Union Jack The Ripper is written by me with art by the incredible Kev Walker, two Brits working together to usher the legendary UK Marvel superhero into a new blood-soaked era!

As Marvel says in the official news release:

"Vampires have inherited the Earth, and one lone man has made it his mission to protect it. But what does Joey Chapman, have up his sleeves? And will it be enough? And who will Union Jack have to face to keep London from falling?"

You can read more from me and Kev about the three-part series over on the Marvel website, but in the meantime feast your eyes on Ryan Brown's awesome cover to #1:

For those who don't know, this incarnation of Union Jack first appeared in Captain America #253 back in 1981, created by Roger Stern and John Byrne.

Armed with grit, wit and a service revolver, Joseph 'Joe' Chapman is actually the third adventurer to don the Union Flag, all of which share a long history with vampires, usually the dastardly Baron Blood, although this mini sees Jack face another member of the Marvel undead!

The 30-page Union Jack The Ripper #1 hits 15th May 2024 so make sure you get your pre-orders in with your friendly-neighbourhood comic book store! Pre-orders can make or break any comic book so I really appreciate your support. If you like your superhero action bloody and horror-tinged, this is the book for you!

See you tomorrow for our regular Tuesday post, where I will be answering a subscriber's question about my favourite podcasts!