New series: A perfect Sunday with... Stark Holborn

Kicking off a new regular feature on the Cavletter: Authors, artists and creative types reveal how they'd fill their perfect sunday!

New series: A perfect Sunday with... Stark Holborn

I’m a big fan of lazy Sundays, and I’m a fan of my pals too, so I thought I’d kick off a new weekly feature when a friend tells us how they’d fill their perfect Sunday, sharing their favourite comfort reads, movies, food… anything that would make their weekend great.

Kicking us off is Stark Holborn, author of Nunslinger, Triggernometry, Ten Low and its awesome sequel, Hel’s Eight.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… brunch

The best breakfast I ever had was in Tangier, Morocco where we ate flaky, buttery pancakes with honey, fresh cheese, olives, fragrant mint tea and strong coffee. But if we’re talking a Full English, I believe in a robust hash-brown ratio. Like, 60% hash browns. Then maybe 20% baked beans, 20% scrambled egg. Tomatoes and mushrooms can GTFO. Ketchup is mandatory. Plus extremely buttered toast and good black coffee… But I’d probably be just as happy with an almond croissant.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… read

Probably a short story collection like The Best of World SF, which I love dipping into when I have a minute.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… comic

Alan Moore’s The Ballad of Halo Jones.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… movie

David Lynch’s Dune. (Or The Fellowship of the Ring.)

Stark’s perfect Sunday… TV binge

I could easily spend an entire day watching The Wirebut in keeping with the Sunday theme, let’s go for Jim Henson’s The Storyteller or The Detectorists.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… podcast

Snap Judgement – one of my all-time favourites. Real people telling incredible stories… If I want something chilled then I’ll try This is Love, but right now I’m listening to a great podcast about train-hopping and the US rail network called City of the Rails.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… album

Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Flora or Green. Or Benjamin Clementine’s And I Have Been.

Stark’s perfect Sunday… treat

Coffee and croissants and a wander around the Sunday markets, then catching a great pulp or B-movie at Bristol’s revived IMAX – courtesy of our local legendary video store Twentieth Century Flicks – followed by tacos and mezcal margaritas. Monday? What’s Monday?

Hel’s Eight by Stark Holborn is out now from Titan Books.

Who controls the future, controls it all…

Ten “Doc” Low is a medic with a dark past, riding the wastes of the desert moon Factus, dispensing medicine to the needy and death to those who cross the laws of the mysterious Seekers. Cursed by otherworldly forces, she stays alone to keep herself safe, and to keep others safe from her…

But when she experiences a terrifying vision of conflict and the deaths of those she once called friends, she must drag herself back to the land of the living to stop a war before it begins. With rebellion brewing, the Accord’s grip on the Outer Moons weakening and a sinister tycoon buying up all land in sight, Ten must find allies where she can and face the past in order to save the future. The cost will be greater than she could ever have imagined…

A wild, adrenaline-packed, whip-smart crash of storytelling and shoot-outs, ideal for fans of Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers and Alex White’s Salvagers.