News flash: my next Star Wars audio drama announced

News flash: my next Star Wars audio drama announced

On Tuesday, I teased some big news dropping today and actually, you lucky people, it was released yesterday!

My next Star Wars: The High Republic audio drama, Tempest Breaker, lands on the 3rd December this year, published by Penguin Random House Audio.

Here is the amazing cover by Katerina Belakova:

The official Star Wars website has released a little interview with me to celebrate the news, where I say:

Those who've been following the Marvel Star Wars: The High Republic comic will have seen Lourna Dee throwing her lot in with the Jedi, specifically the recently elevated Jedi Master Keeve Trennis. At first, the alliance was forced upon her, the Jedi strong-arming Lourna into being their guide as they plunged into the Nihil Occlusion Zone. But over time, we've seen a growing — and grudging — respect forming between Lourna and her Jedi... captors? No, that's not right. Neither is jailers. Piece by piece they are slowly becoming a team. The question is how long will Lourna allow that alliance to last. Until she escapes? Or until she gets what she really wants — a chance to face her former associate Marchion Ro. This audio drama is that story.

You can read more, including why I love audio drama, over in the article.

For those of you who have never experienced audio drama, this is a great way to jump in. The thing to remember with the medium is that it's a very different experience from books, even audiobooks, more in tune with the kind of storytelling you experience through theatre, cinema, and TV. You're in there with the characters, experiencing the action and emotion through the acting and a full soundscape laden with the latest special effects!

More news on Tempest Breaker as it comes, but in the meantime, the response on my socials has been so positive. Thank you! Your love for these characters and the High Republic as a whole means the world to me. You can also let me know what you're hoping to hear in Tempest Breaker in the comments below!

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other!

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