September Releases

Courageous Jedi and chilling night terrors await as spooky season begins!

September Releases

Hello there!

My release schedule is picking up again over the next few months so I thought I’d start posting my monthly titles to my newsletter so you never miss anything.

This month sees the release of the first-ever anthology featuring stories from all the High Republic writers plus my brand-new original horror graphic novel, Sleep Terrors about a woman whose dreams — and nightmares — become terrifying reality.



Writer: Cavan Scott, Zoraida Cordova, Claudia Gray, Tessa Gratton, Justina Ireland, Lydia Kang, George Mann, Daniel José Older, Charles Soule, Alyssa Wong (Barnes & Noble Edition only) | Cover art: Tara Phillips and Jake Bartok

Featuring my story: LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS starring Jedi Master Keeve Trennis.

Thrilling short stories featuring fan favorite characters from the beloved High Republic series each written by a New York Times bestselling author.

The High Republic authors share unmissable short stories that bridge Phases, resolve mysteries, and offer tantalizing hints of what is to come.

Rejoin the adventures of the Jedi and Padawans, Pathfinders and Path members, heroes and villains ahead of the launch of Phase III.



Writer: Cavan Scott | Art: Stephanie Son | Colours: Francesca Cittarelli | Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou | Cover art: Hongjacga

Terri thought she was safe when she woke up... until the nightmares woke up too.

Terri hasn’t been sleeping well. Ever since the accident that put her in a coma, narcolepsy haunts her days, while much darker things haunt her nights. When her dreams start coming true – violent events that she saw in her sleep leaving trails of blood in real life – the desire to stay awake drives Terri to the edge of madness. Or did she already cross that line long ago?

Federal agents flood Terri’s small town, and the local police are stymied by the uncharacteristic violence of untraceable attacks. Terri’s dream journal might just be the key to everything… or the evidence the authorities need to lock her away forever.



Delve into the cutthroat world of one of the High Republic’s greatest foes, the merciless Lourna Dee, in this full script for the Star Wars audio original Tempest Runner.

The Nihil storm has raged through the galaxy, leaving chaos and grief in its wake. Few of its raiders are as vicious as the Tempest Runner Lourna Dee. She stays one step ahead of the Jedi Order at the helm of a vessel named after one of the deadliest monsters in the galaxy: herself. But no one can outrun the defenders of the High Republic forever.

After the defeat of her crew, Lourna falls into the hands of the Jedi—but not before she hides her identity, becoming just another Nihil convict. Her captors fail to understand the beast they have cornered. Just like every fool she’s ever buried, their first mistake was keeping her alive.

Lourna is determined to make underestimating her their last.

Locked up on a Republic correctional ship, she’s dragged across the galaxy to repair the very damage she and her fellow Tempest Runners inflicted. But as Lourna plans her glorious escape, she makes alliances that grow dangerously close to friendships. Outside the Nihil—separated from her infamous ship, her terrifying arsenal, and her feared name—Lourna must carve her own path. But will it lead to redemption? Or will she emerge as a deadlier threat than ever before?

Planning to pick up any of these titles? Have a question about them?

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