April's adventures in writing

Plus, Portsmouth Comic Con news, a new short story announcement and Shadow Service too!

April's adventures in writing

Hello, hello, hello!

It's time for me to look back on the last month, all while offering a few hints about the future!

Comic writing is still dominating my 2024. April saw me kicking off work on an as-yet-unannounced mini-series for one of the Big Two, plus a special one-shot set in a galaxy far, far away. There was also the usual run of lettering passes and artwork checks for Star Wars: The High Republic and Union Jack the Ripper!

As if that wasn't enough comic business, I was also asked to submit a pitch for aBig Two project – the outline greenlit immediately – all while Nick Brokenshire and I resurrected a proposal for a creator-owned book we originally put together last summer. It had originally been a pitch for a follow-up to Dead Seas and was received enthusiastically before the publisher shuttered its Originals line. Such is life. Such is comics!

However, no idea is truly dead in the water and so, when a different publishing house asked Nick and I for ideas, we gave the original proposal a fresh coat of paint, coming up with a new name and adding more details that got us excited all over again. The new, improved pitch is now in with the commissioning editor so please keep your fingers crossed!

(Talking of Dead Seas, the series was recently chosen by The Beat as one of their top picks to get into the spirit of this year's Paranormal Day - "the stuff nightmares should look to for inspiration" apparently! I like that!)

The rest of the month was largely taken up with edits on Tempest Breaker, my upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic audio drama aswell as plotting a children's book I'm due to start writing in June. That said, I did manage to get away with George Mann for meetings in Stratford-Upon-Avon for a new top-secret venture for our production company, Strange Matter.

Other travels included a trip for George and I to France to wrap up the month, taking planes, trains and automobiles to reach Cusset in France for the 25th annual Générations Star Wars et Science Fiction convention. This was my second time as a guest of the super-friendly con, where George and I had non-stop signing lines for both days. Thanks to Pocket Books publisher Lucile Galliot for looking after us (and helping with our pitiful French!)

After the con, George and I stayed in France as we had work to do and, hey, why not do it in a land famous for wonderful cheese, pastries and chocolate.

Unfortunately, most of our attempts to sightsee were rained off so we holed ourselves up in the hotel and got our second TV pitch of the year down on paper, submitting the documents on our return to the UK. We're now nervously awaiting the response from the production company so, as your fingers are already crossed, please also cross your toes!

So let's check in on the tally of work so far in 2024:

TV series proposal: 2
Comic series proposal: 2.5 (including a former proposal given a new lease of life!)
Comic pages written: 239

Portsmouth Comic Con

The next con is Portsmouth Comic Con, coming this very weekend. I've run through the guest list before, but now the mysterious guest I hinted at has been revealed! It's Michael Siglain, Creative Director of Lucasfilm Publishing and the mastermind behind Star Wars: The High Republic! Mike will be hosting a special High Republic panel on the Saturday which will also include some exclusive news and reveals!

Here's my full schedule for the weekend:

New short story announcement

A bit of a tease with this one, but my friend Jendia Gammon chose Star Wars Day to announce that I'm contributing a short story to the imprint she's set up with her husband, Gareth L. Powell.

More on this soon, but in the meantime you can back the new venture over on Jendia's kofi!

Ask me anything

Okay, there's just enough time for a quick question!

Aaron Caldwell emailed to say:

I have fallen in love with your writing. Specifically Shadow Service. The final issue says it will be continued...is that still the plan? I would love to see what happens to Triple Six next!

Thanks for the kind words Aaron! And yes, the plan is definitely to continue with Shadow Service. We're just waiting for the team's schedules to align, but in the meantime, you can help the cause by telling everyone how much you love the book!

And if you've never read Shadow Service, there are three collections currently available telling the story of Gina Meyer, a witch who finds herself pulled into the shadowy world of MI666, Britain's supernatural secret service!

You can find ordering information here! And why not check out our awesome trailer:

That's all folks

That's everything for this week, but before I go, I wanted to share Francesco Francavilla's incredible wrap-around cover for Vader's Castle: The Deluxe Library Edition, coming this autumn from Dark Horse, just in time for Halloween!

I mean... look at it!


Until next time, come and see me if you're at Portsmouth Comic Con and... of course... take care of yourself and each other.

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